If your hard floor is starting to bring down the tone of your premises, you might think it’s time to replace it. But in many cases, you won’t have to at all; we have several examples of old and dirty-looking floors which we have restored and maintain with exceptional results.

Our commercial floor cleaning service is available across Christchurch, so your premises can have the gleam of a brand new floor, without the price tag of one.

Our processes include:

  • full strip and polishing
  • burnishing
  • floor buffing/floor polishing
  • ​auto scrubbing
  • seal and polishing
  • cut backs and re-polishing

Frequently Asked Questions.

Master Cleaning’s commercial floor cleaners work across every suburb in Christchurch.

We clean the following:

  • ​Concrete
  • Terrazzite
  • Terrazzo
  • ​Lino
  • Vinyl
  • Minoleum
  • Vinyl planking
  • ​Slate

No! Even if you become a regular client, we do not lock you into a contract.

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