Our Advantages

At Master Cleaning, we are committed to providing the best commercial cleaning service possible, while doing the right thing by our clients, our staff and our planet. When we say ‘we don’t cut corners, we clean them’, we really mean it.

Our approach can be summarised as:

  • Personalised
  • Flexible
  • Conscientious

Personalised: We’re a locally owned and operated business, not a franchise. This means you’ll pay a fraction of the price you’d pay other commercial cleaning companies. We’re committed to communicating well with both our customers and our staff and being attentive to their needs. We also have the lowest employee turnover in the industry, so you’ll become familiar with our friendly staff and they will start to feel part of your team too.

Flexible: We don’t tender, and we won’t lock you into a contract. Plus we have the scale and range of services to be able to meet your organisation’s needs as and when they arise. ​Read more about the services we offer.

Conscientious: Whether you’re seeking a one-off, bespoke service or you’re a regular client whose premises we service daily, we never miss a clean. We have a hands-on management style and our team of experienced cleaners provides a thorough and attentive clean every time. Lastly, we’re leaders in high quality, environmentally responsible cleaning – so you can enjoy the benefits of a squeaky clean, hygienic workplace, with no nasty chemicals.

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